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15 Jul

My torturer, Niki Aron of TRX Train Station in Toronto

Hello CBC listeners and random people who stumbled onto this blog!

Welcome to ‘This Week’s Workout,’ where I attempt to find an exercise program that will not only whip my butt into shape, but hopefully motivate you to try something fun and new.

This blog will have:

  • My fitness results.
  • Links to the lovely woman who is training me.
  • Pretty embarrassing pictures of my sweaty, mascara dripping face.
  • New songs on ‘The Great Canadian Cardio Playlist’ that I have compiled with links to buy them from iTunes.

You can click on the button below to hear ‘This Week’s Workout’ that aired on CBC Radio. Then keep reading!

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This week on ‘This Week’s Workout,’ I decided to give TRX a whirl. TRX is a suspension training system created by Randy Hetrick, a former Navy Seal who was looking for a way to stay in top physical shape while on missions. The two TRX straps can be anchored from any point (ceiling, door handle, tree) and can vary in length. When you use the handles or foot cradles, you immediately create ‘instability’ in your workout, meaning you work those tiny little stability muscles in your core that often get ignored when just lifting weights.

TRX straps

I’m pretty sure I saw this diagram in Grade 12 Health Class

I met up with Niki Aron, the owner of TRX Train Station in Toronto. Not only is she a personal trainer, she is a devotee of TRX. In fact, she calls it her religion.

Niki explained to me that TRX training is difficult at first, but after a few classes you get the hang of how the straps work and it gets easier to navigate.

This is what TRX is supposed to look like….

She's having such a good time!

Look at her! She’s having such a good time!

This is what I made TRX look like….


Look at me. I’m having a really good time FALLING DOWN.

Niki gave me a 1 on 1 session before tossing me into a group class (bless her heart) and I learned how to use the ropes and follow the instructions. It is a little intimidating at first but the workout is so worth it.

If you’re listening to the story that aired on CBC Radio 1, you might be wondering what the fabled ‘Upside Down Leg Press’ looks like. This is me managing to do ONE of them.

NOW…if you’re sitting at home in front of your computer thinking, ‘THIS LOOKS HARD, I COULD NEVER DO THIS,” you are totally wrong. I admit it IS challenging, but the best part about TRX is that since you are using your own body weight as resistance, you simply need to adjust your body position to change the intensity of the workout.

For example, here is Niki and her students doing a side plank exercise with their legs in a scissor position…

Image 3

Here’s me trying that same exercise. I’m not nearly strong enough yet so I altered my body position to get a good workout without killing myself….


By the time I had done my third class with Niki I was not only getting the hang of the straps and positions, I was getting stronger in my core. Plus, by strengthening those tiny stabilizer muscles, I’m less likely to injure myself when running or doing other exercise.

One thing I will advise for the ladies….wear waterproof mascara. Because you will sweat. A lot. This was me after workout 1 with Niki.


Who’s a pretty girl?


So…did I lose weight or inches after a week of TRX training? Well, if you remember from last week, instead of losing a pound and a half as desired on my iPhone apps, I gained a pound and a half.

So let’s check the measurements and see how I did!

Ok, no change on the chest. Guess I’m not bummed about that. Speaking of bum…let’s check the hips.

YAY! Not a complete half inch lost, but pretty close. Thank you Upside Down Leg Press!

Now let’s see how I did on the waist….

No real change there…but let’s take a look at overall weight…

WHAT? That’s amazing! Not only did I lose the pound and a half I gained in week one, I lost another pound! I think I may have just joined Niki’s Church of TRX!

If you’d like to try TRX, there is probably a studio or gym in your city offering classes. Hit Google and see what’s available.

You can also buy the TRX Suspension System online and use the straps wherever you have a stable anchor point (door, tree, etc.) Be sure to get the instructional CD and follow their advice closely if you’re doing it from home.

Let’s see how I do next week on ‘This Week’s Workout,’ when I will be discovering the pros and cons of working out with a personal trainer. The lovely Sarah Robichaud is an on-air fitness expert for CBC Television’s Steven and Chris and CBS Early Morning Saturday in NYC. Excited to see what kind of program she creates for me to get me fit!

In the meantime, check out the fresh new song on the Great Canadian Cardio Playlist!


This 30 (ish) minute playlist of all Canadian music will get your feet moving and your heart pumping. If you want to buy any of the songs from iTunes, just click on the download button!


download on itunes

Bit by Bit – Mother Mother

Mental Image: You are a backwoods recluse. A group of no good teenagers are camping on your land. You want to give them a good scare, so you chase them through the forest. Bursts of speed when the music kicks in to get those kids off your lawn!

download on itunes

One Week – Barenaked Ladies

Mental Image: You stumbled on the treadmill and the hot guy beside you is looking at you. You bust out a fast run to show you’re in control. But you embarrass yourself again when you start singing, ‘Chickity China the Chinese chicken….’

download on itunes

Keep the Car Running – Arcade Fire (3:29)

Mental Image: You are about to pull off the biggest bank heist in history, but your get away car just got away. You’ve got a bag of cash with a $ on it and you have to run!

download on itunes

Make A New Dance Up – Hey Ocean (3:30)

Mental Image: You are in love. Running through a field with daisies in your hair wearing a gorgeous Anthropologie dress.

download on itunes

Nowhere With You – Joel Plaskett Emergency (3:01)

Mental Image: You’re a little bit needy. Your buddy has things to do. You have nothing to do and want to hang out. You run after him yelling, ‘WHATCHA UP TO PAL?’

download on itunes

Scar That Never Heals – Jeremy Fisher (3:38)

Mental Image: The lyrics are ‘She runs guns,’ so what the heck. You’re super happy that you survived the Zombie apocalypse and are running guns to the neighbours because you’re sweet like that.

download on itunes

Oh Alberta – Elliot Brood (2:50)

Mental Image: It’s 1921. Your beautiful love has been kidnapped by a scoundrel with a twisted moustache. She tied up to the caboose of a train and you’re running along the tracks to catch her. You have a hobo bindle.

download on itunes

Safety Dance – Men Without Hats (2:45)

Mental Image: GRAD 86! Screw your curfew. You’re not going home yet because Bob McCatherine just asked you to dance. You run like the wind back to your girlfriends to discuss how dreamy he is with his polo shirt and hammer pants.

download on itunes

Peace of Mind – Grapes of Wrath (3:41)

Mental Image: You’re a misunderstood teenager. Your Dad just grounded you for coming home late from the school dance. You run out the door screaming, ‘YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND ME!’ You keep running until you grow the hell up.

download on itunes

No Sugar Tonight/New Mother Nature – The Guess Who (4:52)

Mental Image: Remember your Dad who grounded you? Well this song is for him. He’s a misunderstood teen who ran away from home and is hitchhiking across Canada. No one will pick up this shaggy haired drifter so he starts loping down the highway like a lone wolf. Probably carrying a hobo bindle.

Got a song you think I should add to the Great Canadian Cardio Playlist? Comment below! Got some inspirational words to keep me moving? Comment below! Got anything to say? Comment below!

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