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The Debaters | CBC Radio

29 Jun


Hey cool! My latest episode of The Debaters aired today at 1pm! I debated the very hilarious Patrick McKenna about whether or not fireworks are dumb.

I caught the episode while driving back from dropping my boyfriend off at the airport. Enjoyed it so much, I missed my exit and ended up getting lost in the suburbs of Toronto, making my head explode like the fireworks I hate so much.

If you missed it, click HERE for sample giggle!

And for fun, here’s a terrible photo of me backstage trying to get The Debater’s backdrop in a shot!


PSA Commercial | ‘Tastebuds’

28 Jun

If you ever get hired to write a PSA Commercial, I suggest you write in a character that you’d be perfect for so you can also act in it.

Speaking of which, here is a PSA Commercial for a cool program called,’Tastebuds’ that I wrote and starred in! This awesome program provides nutritional meals to school kids in the Hamilton area.

Produced by the talented folks at Double Barrel Productions. Thanks Roz for the gig!

Dating Diana | Do Men Ever Mature?

27 Jun

DatingDianaRadio_1Please enjoy how many times I was able to squeeze a fart reference or poop joke into this CBC Radio 1 story!

(And they say men are immature.)

Dating Diana | Cougars and Sugar Daddies…not as advertised

20 Jun

DatingDianaRadio_1If you’re looking for a Hugh Heffner sugar daddy or a Kim Cattrall cougar, you might be horribly disappointed.

Listen below to hear the story that aired on CBC Radio 1.

Why There Are Fewer Women in Comedy

17 Jun


Way back in 2005, I was asked by Definitely Not the Opera on CBC Radio 1 to investigate why there are fewer women in comedy than men.

Recently, this debate has come up again – and I was asked to repost the doc. Luckily, CBC Radio never deletes ANYTHING and I was able to find the story and share it with you!

If you’d like to give it a listen, the audio is posted HERE on the ‘Leave it to Cleavage’ website (the all-female corporate improv comedy group I work with.)

Give it a listen, share, ‘like’ and comment away!


Dating Diana | The Anti-Self Help, Self Help Book

13 Jun

DatingDianaRadio_1Are you tired of self-help books telling you you’re doing everything wrong in relationships? Then listen up, because Professor Mari Ruti from the University of Toronto has an antidote. Her book, ‘The Case for Falling in Love’ is the anti self-help, self-help book..

Then listen below to the story that will air on CBC Radio later today.


AND…this is cool! Professor Mari Ruti (who I interview in the above Dating Diana column) and two other experts in the field of gender differences are going to be speaking TONIGHT in a fun, casual and interactive event called Café Scientifique.

Click HERE for more info.

I am moderating the event, which is called ‘Rethinking Mars and Venus: The truth about sex differences – and similarities – in the human brain.

This FREE event starts at 6pm at the College Street Bar (574 College Street, Toronto)

If you can’t be there in person, no worries! There is also a LIVE webcast that you can watch from the comfort of your own computer. (Pants optional.)

Just click HERE to watch, starting at 6pm!

Game of Thrones Recap | Season 3 | Episode 10 – FINALE!

12 Jun
You can't see the arrows in my back and leg.

You can’t see the arrows in my back and leg.

Well Throners. That was that. The final episode of Season 3. Did it satisfy your inner dragon? Did it make you want to scream ‘HODOR’ into a well? Or did it just make you want to eat a sausage?

Click HERE to read my full recap on The Scrib website. Please remember to hit the Facebook ‘like’ on The Scrib page and comment away!