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Say Wha?! | Readings of Deliciously Rotten Writing

18 Mar


Hey pals! I got to perform in one of my favourite Vancouver live shows, ‘Say Wha?!’and now you can hear the podcast!

If you’ve never heard of Say Wha?! then lemme explain – it’s funny people reading absolutely terrible writing. Conceived and produced by the delightful Sara Bynoe.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast where I explain how I got a crazy religious based business card in my mailbox and decided to go to the website to see what they were preaching. It’s the best.

The Irrelevant Show | He’s Rick!

9 Mar

The Irrelevant Show image

Here’s a preview of a 3 part sketch I wrote for The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio 1. He’s Rick! He thinks he’s a feminist!

Click HERE to listen to the first of the 3 sketches!