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Game of Thrones Recap | Episode 5, Season 3

29 Apr
Ok, using this pic today actually makes sense.

Ok, using this pic today actually makes sense.

Hello Game of Throners!

Did you love last night’s episode, ‘Kissed by Fire?’ Are you a read-head who is now using that phrase to describe yourself in hot tubs?

Frankly I can’t believe we’re already half way through this 10 episode season. Only five more weeks and I’m finished staying up till 4:30am writing this recaps. If you enjoy these, please share, like and comment below!

Click HERE to read the full recap on The Scrib website.

My Romantic Travel Article for Resorts of Ontario

26 Apr
Not our actual hands or robes.

Not our actual hands or robes.

Within the first week of moving to Toronto, I was asked by Resorts of Ontario to write a travel article on a romantic getaway in Ontario for their brand new magazine ‘Go Resorting.’

Why yes please! My fella and I are both new to Ontario so it was the perfect way to find out if we were going to fall in love with this new province like we fell in love with each other.

Click HERE to read the online magazine article! (My article starts on page 25)

Or, read below where I added pictures!


My fella and I have been in a long distance relationship for a year and a half. I lived in Vancouver and he was in Chicago, so we were also international. If you ever get tired of having money in the bank or regular human contact, try a long distance relationship! You will become an expert at packing, customs line-ups, airline reward programs, Skype freezing your face in unflattering positions and misreading tone in emails.

He got a job in Toronto, so we made the leap from long distance to close quarters and are now living under one roof. We’ve never spent more than a month at a time together, so we’re still learning those quirky little idiosyncrasies that make us adorable and annoying. (His favourite movie is Avatar! I’m an insomniac!)

This image is keeping me from sleeping.

This image is keeping me awake at night.

As we get to know each other better, we also need to shake hands with this province we now call home. I was born and raised in Vancouver. I look at Toronto with a cautiously raised eyebrow, waiting to feel inferior. He is from Chicago and already wants to fix the TTC.

We’ve spent so much brain power organizing the move that we’ve barely taken a breath to celebrate the success of finally living together. So what better way to bond with each other AND Ontario than a romantic night away?

I wanted to find a resort that would re-boot the romance-o-meter, and in my books that means cozy quarters near water. Killarney Lodge in Algonquin Park, Sir Sams in Haliburton and Irwin Inn on Stoney Lake looked to have it all. Cabins by a lake, nature and country dining. After much deliberations, I finally decided on The Millcroft Inn & Spa in Caledon. It was originally built in 1881 as a knitting mill and sits on the edge of the picturesque Mill Pond

I wish I'd taken this picture.

Millcroft Inn & Spa. I wish I’d taken this picture.

This is the picture I took.

This is the picture I took.

The resort is less than an hour drive from Toronto, but more importantly, it’s easy to find. This weekend needed a ‘no-bicker guarantee’ and nothing makes a new couple argue faster than confusing google map directions. As we pulled up to the main building it was immediately clear that this place knows romance. In fact, it looked like they had the perfect garden for weddings. Probably due to the sign that said ‘Wedding Gardens.’ We slowly backed away from the sign (which I assume was planted by my mother) and checked in at the front desk.

The sexy sexy loft.

The sexy sexy loft.

The Millcroft Inn has several different room options. The Main Mill has king and queen sized beds that overlook the pond and Shaw’s Creek Falls. The Manor House boasts slightly larger rooms with two person jet tubs. We were in The Crofts, which are two story chalets with ground level patios. Seeing the wood burning fireplace in the living room made me do a jig on the radiant heated floors. The clever people in charge even primed the fireplace with a piece of wood tightly wrapped in newspaper next to a tiny firestarter log. Ensuring that the ‘no-bicker guarantee’ extended to our fire building abilities.

How to make a romantic fire. Step 1: Add fire...

How to make a romantic fire. Step 1: Add fire…

Step 2: Add wood to fire.

Step 2: Add wood to fire.

Step 3: Add wine and enjoy!

Step 3: Add wine and enjoy!

The queen size bed was in the upper loft, and I have yet to understand why lofts ooze sexy. Is it the voyeuristic nature of that one exposed wall? Regardless, I was tickled that we’d be able to lie in bed and hear the crackle of our fight free fire. The romance-o-meter was rising.

As we went in for dinner, we were surprised to run into a work colleague of my fella’s. He was there with his lady for, you guessed it, a romantic weekend away. Clearly we’d picked the right place if one of the only humans we know in this province brings his wife here on the weekends. At least I think it was his wife. Oh dear.

This is the 'pod.' However, this is NOT the back of my boyfriend's head.

This is the ‘pod.’ However, this is NOT the back of my boyfriend’s head.

We sat in the part of the dining room known as ‘The Pod.’ Which is a lovely nook overlooking the waterfall, and not as my fella hoped, where he would be put into cryosleep before meeting his Avatar. The ambience of the restaurant was a lovely mix of fancy and unpretentious. A gentleman quietly played classical guitar in the corner. His jam consisted of everything from Blackbird to Stairway to Heaven…but just the slow part. Romance-o-meter hitting red!

The meal was absolutely delicious, even though mine was seared scallops followed by a main dish of more seared scallops (with blue crab stuffed ravioli.) Apparently I really enjoy scallops. My fella had the confit lamb shank which came with what I can only describe as the first lamb ‘hot dog slider’ I’ve ever seen. Desert was equally as tasty. We shared the apple butterscotch cake and the white chocolate crémeux and even did the classic ‘eat from each other’s fork’ move.

There was a sad lack of scallops on the desert menu.

There was a definite lack of scallops on the desert menu.

The wine list had everything from a ‘within my price range’ Angels Gate Pinot Noir from Niagra for $49 to a ‘let’s burn my inheritance’ Chateau Mouton Rothschild 2003 for $1500.00. We took our unfinished bottle of Pinot back to the room and quickly lit up the idiot proof fireplace. To complete the sexy time atmosphere, we slipped in our favourite episode of Game of Thrones. Except the internet was too slow to download it, so we were forced to make out on the couch. Romance-o-meter blushed and looked away.

Nothing to see here, people.

Nothing to see here, people. Look away.

The next morning we enjoyed the breakfast buffet with freshly baked pastries, eggs Benedict and a selection of fruits. The easily accessed walking trails provided light exercise to work off the previous night’s scallopalooza. Breathing in the crisp air and smell of wood smoke, we shook off the months of planning, packing, and standing in line for OHIP cards. It may have only been a single night away, but not once did I miss the Vancouver rain or did he complain about subway tokens. What we did do was pour over maps and pamphlets on the area to see what other fun adventures we could get up to next weekend.

Thanks Ontario. I think we’ll stay.

Dating Diana | Who Falls Asleep First?

26 Apr


Who loves busting apart a good stereotype? Let’s get rid of that notion that men always fall asleep first after sex.

But if you do fall asleep first, there’s a very stereotypical reason for that’s happening.

Listen below to the story that aired on CBC Radio 1.

Game of Thrones Recap | Episode 4, Season 3

22 Apr
Oh for Gods Sakes, I wasn't even in this episode!

Oh for Gods Sakes, I wasn’t even in this episode!

Hello Throners! What did you think of the episode ‘And Now His Watch is Ended?’

Did you enjoy seeing the Craster karma? Do you love ‘Nana’ as much as I do? And what the hell is with the Pod porn storyline?

Click HERE to read my full recap.

If you like it, please share and like and all that good stuff. Comment below if you have questions or corrections. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out the character names of the disgruntled Night’s Watch men who stirred up trouble. If you know, please post!

Winnipeg Comedy Festival | DNTO Live Taping

21 Apr
I think Bill Richardson is checking out my butt

I think Bill Richardson is checking out my butt

Hey pals! So last week I did a live taping of Definitely Not the Opera about the weird and wonderful world of parenting. I told the story of how I found my birth son Liam on Facebook. It was terrifying, as it’s a story usually told to close friends and family.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast on the DNTO website. (You’ll need to click on ‘listen’ icon when you get that that page.) I come in at around the 13 minute mark.

There are also hilarious and heart-wrenching stories from the very funny comedian Dean Jenkinson (22 Minutes, The Debaters), Zarqa Nawaz (creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie), Niigaan Sinclaire (Professor of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba) and his adorable daughter Sarah, plus Bill Richardson (CBC Radio 1 – Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.) AND musical guests Imaginary Cities – who are my new favourite band!

Of course, it’s all hosted by the lovely Sook-Yin Lee.

Give it a listen. Hopefully it will make you think about your own beautifully messed up relationship with your parents.


Dating Diana | Social Media & Relationships

18 Apr

DatingDianaRadio_1Hey! You should Facebook, tweet, text or Instagram your mate about this fascinating study about how social media is ruining relationships!

Click below to listen to the story that aired on CBC Radio 1.

Game of Thrones | Episode 3, Season 3

15 Apr
Why did I do this stupid photoshoot without my shirt.

Why did I do this stupid photoshoot without my shirt.

Hey Throners!

What did you think of the episode ‘Walk of Punishment?’

What surprised you most? The ending, Pod’s studliness or Hot Pie’s animal crackers?

Click HERE to read my full episode recap published on The Scrib!

Leave it to Cleavage | Evergreen Cultural Centre

14 Apr
You can't tell, but one of us forgot to wear nylons.

You can’t tell, but one of us forgot to wear nylons.

Last night we rocked  the nearly sold out Evergreen Cultural Centre with our newly expanded Leave it to Cleavage Show.

Denise Jones was added to the cast as our surly Russian maid ‘Rosa.’ Holy hell it was awesome. Her deadpan rage was the perfect foil to our perky nonsense. Her eyebrows alone are worth the price of admission.

In her country, she was an award winning dramatic actress.

In her country, she was an award winning dramatic actress.

We had a great time riffing endlessly on a guy in the audience named ‘Dick’ and I’m pretty sure we made every feasible combination of dick jokes possible while still keeping our lady-like composure.

Also fun to see our name in lights. Or at least in lights as they would appear after you’ve had a few beers.

Some drivers thought this was an entirely different kind of show.

Some drivers thought this was an entirely different kind of show.

We have one more show next Saturday April 20th, 2013 at the ACT  Maple Ridge Theatre at 8pm. Come check it out if you are in the neighbourhood! I grew up in Maple Ridge so I look forward to dropping references only the locals will know.


Dating Diana | The Health of Gay Marriage

14 Apr


Need another reason to change your Facebook profile pic to an equal sign? Turns out the health benefits of being in a relationship are the same no matter who you like to bump uglies with.

Click below to listen to the story that aired on CBC Radio 1

Winnipeg Comedy Festival | DNTO Live Taping!

12 Apr

Just flew back from Winnipeg today after taping a live episode of Definitely Not the Opera for CBC Radio at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Not only was the show sold out (gawd I love CBC audiences) but fellow storytellers Dean Jenkinson, Bill Richardson, Zarqa Nawaz and Niigan Sinclair rocked the house with their unusual stories on ‘parenting.’ Guess what I talked about? Click HERE to link to the DNTO page to read about the storytellers and the stories they told.

Almost as good as the show was the super funky clothing store I stumbled upon between tech and the show called Out of the Blue.dress

I should have been rehearsing my story but instead found this new outfit! And isn’t feeling great about what you’re wearing on stage almost as important as remembering your lines?

Loved this repurposed vintage black n white polka dot dress with fitted cardigan. And yes, I took this picture in the green room bathroom because I was slightly ashamed at changing my clothes between rehearsal and show.

Also, someone needs to clean that mirror.

Also, what the hell is that thing on the counter?