Winnipeg Comedy Festival | DNTO Live Taping!

12 Apr

Just flew back from Winnipeg today after taping a live episode of Definitely Not the Opera for CBC Radio at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival.

Not only was the show sold out (gawd I love CBC audiences) but fellow storytellers Dean Jenkinson, Bill Richardson, Zarqa Nawaz and Niigan Sinclair rocked the house with their unusual stories on ‘parenting.’ Guess what I talked about? Click HERE to link to the DNTO page to read about the storytellers and the stories they told.

Almost as good as the show was the super funky clothing store I stumbled upon between tech and the show called Out of the Blue.dress

I should have been rehearsing my story but instead found this new outfit! And isn’t feeling great about what you’re wearing on stage almost as important as remembering your lines?

Loved this repurposed vintage black n white polka dot dress with fitted cardigan. And yes, I took this picture in the green room bathroom because I was slightly ashamed at changing my clothes between rehearsal and show.

Also, someone needs to clean that mirror.

Also, what the hell is that thing on the counter?

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