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Resorts of Ontario | Winter vs. Summer Loving Vacations

21 Apr

I was super excited to write another travel article for the Resorts of Ontario magazine ‘Go Resorting.’ This time the challenge was to find a winter get-a-way that can live up to a hot summer beach chair and Corona romance-fest. You can click HERE to read the PDF of the article, or just scroll down for the transcript including pictures! Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.13.38 PM

The morning of the great Toronto ice storm of 2013, I got a call asking to take a last minute gig doing improv comedy on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. 

The warm, warm Caribbean. 



Meaning I wouldn’t be able to spend Christmas with The Fella’s family in Minneapolis. 

Cold, cold Minneapolis.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.29.27 PM

Not Caribbean

I fantasized about whisking The Fella away to open presents under a Corona bottle on the beach, but quickly realized I wasn’t allowed to bring a guest. Plus, I really like his family. 

But it did get me thinking. The Fella and I could use a couple of days together decompressing from the holiday madness before returning to work. But could a quick winter get-a-way be as romantic as the summer-like trip I just turned down?

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The Irrelevant Show | The Cafe

21 Apr

The Irrelevant Show image
Hey fun! Click HERE to hear the latest episode of CBC Radio’s ‘The Irrelevant Show’ to hear my sketch ‘The Cafe.’

(Hint – it’s the last one in the episode.)