Winnipeg Comedy Festival | DNTO Live Taping

21 Apr
I think Bill Richardson is checking out my butt

I think Bill Richardson is checking out my butt

Hey pals! So last week I did a live taping of Definitely Not the Opera about the weird and wonderful world of parenting. I told the story of how I found my birth son Liam on Facebook. It was terrifying, as it’s a story usually told to close friends and family.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast on the DNTO website. (You’ll need to click on ‘listen’ icon when you get that that page.) I come in at around the 13 minute mark.

There are also hilarious and heart-wrenching stories from the very funny comedian Dean Jenkinson (22 Minutes, The Debaters), Zarqa Nawaz (creator of Little Mosque on the Prairie), Niigaan Sinclaire (Professor of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba) and his adorable daughter Sarah, plus Bill Richardson (CBC Radio 1 – Saturday Afternoon at the Opera.) AND musical guests Imaginary Cities – who are my new favourite band!

Of course, it’s all hosted by the lovely Sook-Yin Lee.

Give it a listen. Hopefully it will make you think about your own beautifully messed up relationship with your parents.


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