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This Week’s Workout | Smart Phone Apps

8 Jul

This is my ‘exercise’ face!

Hey Canada! (And anyone else who stumbled upon this…)

Welcome to ‘This Week’s Workout’ – a new fitness series on CBC Radio 1. Each week I attempt to do a new kind of exercise to see what motivates me and helps kick my butt into workout mode. This blog will have:

  • My fitness results.
  • Links to the apps I’m using.
  • Links to the people who are training me.
  • Pretty embarrassing pictures of my back fat.
  • ‘The Great Canadian Cardio Playlist’ that I have compiled with links to the songs so you can get them on Itunes.

Click below to play episode 1 of ‘This Week’s Workout’ that aired on CBC Radio 1. While you’re listening, scroll down for more info details on my week!

 cbc radio





The YMCA treadmill told me to consult a doctor before starting a new exercise regime, so  I went to see Dr. Kathy Van Zeyl , a naturopathic doctor who specializes in sports medicine and clinical nutrition at the Davisville Health Clinic in Toronto.

Dr. Van Zeyl gave me a clean bill of health, though my blood pressure is a little low. Yay! More salt for me!

She also calculated my Body Mass Index and Waist to Hip Ratio, which is a good way to figure out if your weight is a healthy number for your height and age. Turns out I’m within a healthy range, but because I’ve gained 15 pounds in the last 2 years, she figures my metabolism is slowing down (I’m 43) and I need to do more exercise to stay healthy.

Old Time Winnebago

A visual representation of my metabolism.

Dr. Van Zeyl also took my measurements. Which was a rather sobering experience.

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