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Dating Diana | More Than Communication

25 Sep

DatingDianaRadio_1Sure. Communication is important. But pay attention to these other relationship skills or you might be doomed.

Click on the link below to listen to the story that aired on CBC Radio 1

The Irrelevant Show | Rose Lady

18 Mar

The Irrelevant Show image

There’s only one way to fight the power of the ‘Rose Lady.’

Check out this sketch I wrote for The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio 1.

Dating Diana | Drink Together, Stay Together

28 Feb


If you enjoy coming home to a couple of stiff drinks, you better hope your spouse is going to tie one on too.

Click below to hear the story that aired on CBC Radio 1.

Dating Diana | Canadians in Bed

21 Feb


Are you Canadian? Do you have sex? Are you curious about how Canadians have sex?

Then click on the link below to find some frisky new statistics on how we get our Canucks off.


Dating Diana | Flirting at Work

10 Jan


Are you batting your eyelashes at Carl from Accounting?

Lucky you. I work from home so flirting will get me nowhere.