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The Debaters | CBC Radio

9 Sep

debatersHey pals! If you are a fan of the CBC Radio comedy show ‘The Debaters’ and are also a fan of me hating on e-books, then listen in on Wednesday September 10th at 11:30am!


My debate against the hilarious Patrick Ledwell was hard fought and one of us got the book thrown at them.


The Irrelevant Show | Tights Are Not Pants!

22 May

The Irrelevant Show imageLadies, I have never been more passionate about a social issue than I am about this one.


If you are confused as to whether you are wearing tights or pants, please click HERE to listen to the sketch I wrote for The Irrelevant Show on CBC Radio, which should clear everything up for you.

The Irrelevant Show | The Cafe

21 Apr

The Irrelevant Show image
Hey fun! Click HERE to hear the latest episode of CBC Radio’s ‘The Irrelevant Show’ to hear my sketch ‘The Cafe.’

(Hint – it’s the last one in the episode.)


Dating Diana | Dreaming of your Mate

24 May


Ever wake up furious at your mate because of something they did in their sleep?

Yup. Someone did a study about why that happens.

Click on the link below to hear the story that aired on CBC Radio 1

Dating Diana | Bearded Love

2 May


Hey fellas, did you know that there is a PERFECT number of days to be lazy about shaving that will make you appear more attractive?

Click on the link below to listen to the story that aired on CBC Radio