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The Irrelevant Show | Woman Man (Part 1)

16 Mar

The Irrelevant Show image

What happens when a man gets bit by a radioactive woman? He turns into WomanMan. Check out this sketch Roman Danylo and I wrote for CBC Radio 1’s The Irrelevant Show

Click HERE to listen.

The Irrelevant Show | Recording Session

8 Mar

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When rockers record, it’s a whale of a time!

Check out this sketch I wrote for The Irrelevant Show.

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Dating Diana | Bad Boys (and Girls)

7 Mar


You’ve done it. You’ve been sucked into the charm of a ‘bad’ boy. Or girl. Don’t feel bad. There’s a reason we find them so damn irresistible.

Listen here to the story that aired on CBC Radio 1

Irrelevant Show | Brain Spaceship

1 Mar

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What happens in your brain when you just can’t remember that person’s name.

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